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I couldn’t help it. Someone suggested the title, and I went for it. And while I’m no blogging expert, I still have some thoughts to share.

If you to start blogging (or re-start, for that matter!) here are a few tips from me.

  1. Write on your phone. Most of us have our phones with us all the time. This includes time spent on busses, trains, planes, toilets, or in queues. That time is potential writing time, but only if you write on your phone.
  2. Write what you know. Well-researched, well-argued pieces about interesting subjects are a great read. But usually, they also take time and effort to produce. Writing about what you know is mostly about putting thoughts down in words.
  3. Write what you want. If you consistenly write about a particular subject, you’ll more easily gain a following; people who are interested in that. However, not all your thoughts will be about that. I recommend being ok with subject variety.
  4. Write and finish it. This is of course very much personality-dependant, but it’s my advice nonetheless. The blogs I write in chunks take much longer than those where I don’t start on another post before the first one is done.
  5. Write often. If you wait two months with writing, you’ll feel pressured to be profound. If you write every other day, it’ll feel less necessary to “have a strong comeback”. So if only to help yourself, write as often as you can get away with.
  6. Write short and write long. Some of my posts are 10+ min reads. Some take 2 min (according to Medium). That’s ok. I read plenty of blogs that are even shorter than my two-minute ones. Better short and done than long and unfinished.
  7. Write. That’s tip #7. Do it. It’s easier to learn from stuff you do than from stuff you don’t do. ;-)

Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey & Founding Partner at The Global Institute For Thought Leadership. Author of 31 books.

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