121. Road Trip larp, Part Five: Larp Tourism

This is the fifth part of the series on the Road Trip larp project. If you want to start from the first post, it is #116.

A big part of the experience was driving Route 66, exploring a part of America that was foreign to most of the participants. For the Europeans, this was definitely the case, but quite a few of our Americans also said that this was a different country than the one they normally see.

That it was a tourist experience is not up for debate. Neither was there any doubt that it was a larp experience. Larp tourism is relatively new, but it’s growing, and Road Trip is clearly a part of that trend.

Since this series uses a Ten Lessons Learned format, this means I get to unveil Ten Lessons Learned From Road Trip In A Larp Tourism Perspective

  1. Larp lets you be a tourist in a new way. We could have done this road trip without the whole larp element. We could have gathered 22 people, rented vans and driven across the States. It wouldn’t have been anything like this.

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