126. Ten reasons I created an official facebook page for myself

Last night, I finally made the decision. I became a public person on facebook. In reality, I’ve been semi-public for a long time, and the days when my fb wall was “just” a personal wall are long gone. Now, I took the next step, and formally declared myself to be a public figure.

I’ll admit that I had some worries about how that would be received. Would anyone care? Would anyone like the new page? Would they just think I was pompous and self-delusional? It’s not like I’m Emma Watson after all.

But, though I’ll never be on Emma Watson’s level (she has 35m followers and has spoken at the UN, just to name a few cool things she’s done that I never will), my spamming of groups and invites to personal friends meant that I now — the day after — have over 700 likes on the page. So the first hurdle (“Does anyone care enough to click?”) has been passed.

So before I get back into my regular stream of content production — there are still several Road Trip blog posts to write! — I’d like to share some thoughts on why I did this. And while most people probably couldn’t care less, there might be some who are curious about this sort of private/public shift.

  1. I post a lot of content, and it can get spammy. My facebook wall has turned more and more into a platform for me spreading content. Not everyone who is my facebook friend has asked to receive this, so it felt natural to separate the content producer from the person.

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