132. Ten things larp organisers have to face that I find deeply problematic

Being a larp organiser (whether as a volunteer or as paid work) is tough work. You need to have a broad skill set, deal with many different kinds of people and navigate a field that’s still very much “coming into existence”. It’s also immensely gratifying, but there are some parts of it that rub me the wrong way big time. Some of these, I’ll share here.

  1. As a larp organiser, you are judged on a final experience that you don’t control. This is both good and bad, but extremely frustrating. If you go to the cinema, of course your experience will be coloured by many factors: How nice were the seats? Were the toilets clean? Was the ticket-buying smooth? Who did you go with? These all matter, but at the end of the day, a LOT depends on the movie you’re watching. In larp, so much more is dependent on factors beyond your control as an organiser, and hearing someone lament something you didn’t have direct influence over is very tiring (at best).

Don’t get me wrong. It’s by no means all bad.

Organising larps is awesome and I’m grateful that I get to do it, but it’s also fucking exhausting in a way that few other things in my life are. And while I can’t get rid of Trump, destroy capitalism or fix global warming (if I am responsible for even a little impact, that’s a miracle), the global larp community is more accessible to me.

I just think that there are things we should improve, and behaviour that could be changed for the better. Not just for my sake, but for all of our sakes. We’ve got something beautiful and amazing and powerful, and I sometimes feel that we’re pissing on it in our ridiculous squabbles.

If we want to change the world, then maybe we should look inward more.

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