139. 20 Things That I Hope Disney Is Aware Of When Creating Their New Star Wars Hotel

Some months ago, Disney announced that it would open a Star Wars themed hotel. According to Bob Chapek from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, it’s going to be pretty wild. “Disney’s most experiential concept ever”, “100% immersive” and “… will culminate in a unique journey for every person who visits.”

When I read that, I – like many other larp designers – thought to myself:

“This sounds amazing! If it works, it could become a new reference point that will help bring larp-like experiences to the masses.”

I also thought a few other things. Some of these were more in the worry category. Some were in the dream category, and some I think I could just label “random thoughts”.

One might of course ask – what’s this to me?

That would be a fair question. Here’s why I’m particularly interested in the Star Wars Hotel.

  • I believe that it will be an amazing leap forward for larp and larplike experiences id this takes off (spaceship pun intended).

So with that intro in place, I’d like to share 20 Things That I Hope Disney Is Aware Of When Creating Their Star Wars Hotel

  1. I’m just guessing wildly in the dark. Since the project is heavily NDA’ed, all I know about the project is what I’ve been able to glean online. This means that I have no idea whether my points are even valid or are completely off the mark. So while this is a fun exercise for me in analysis and creative thinking, at the end of the day, it’s exactly that and no more. The reason I write this is to forestall unnecessary comments. Though I’d love to be part of this, I’m not. And even if I was, I wouldn’t be allowed to talk about it. So read the list with that in mind. ;-)

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