143. Why my automated mail response mentions both Narnia and my father

Hello there!

I’m currently in Narnia exploring the ice caverns and digging for
buried treasure.

Strictly speaking, that’s not true, but it might as well be. You’re
getting this automated response because I’m off the grid until Dec 8.

If you are writing because of Dziobak Larp Studios or any of our larp
projects, try Edin (edin@dziobak.studio) or Olivier
(olivier@dziobak.studio). They may be able to help.

If it’s about the Extraordinary Divison, reaching Phil
(adventure@extraordinary.college) is your best shot.

And if it’s about something else — maybe you want me to speak at your
conference, think I should read this blog post about flying monkeys or
you’re my father asking for my Christmas plans…

In this case, you’re kind of out of luck (sorry, Anders). Hopefully
I’ll be able to answer before I’m back, but I can’t guarantee
anything. ;-)

Bottom line. I’m (as usual) out there on the fringes of fiction doing
something weird. I’ll do my best to answer you once I’m back!

Kind regards
Claus Raasted, Offline Explorer

That’s what my latest Away-From-Office automated mail looked like.

It contained all the necessary info, but was written in a slightly unusual style. Of course, people that know me might say that it’s written in exactly my style, and that there’s nothing unusual about that. C’est la vie.

There are a few reasons why I’ve done it that way.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone should go banzai when writing automated responses or Out-of-Office messages. But instead of seeing these sorts of messages as annoying, I see them as a chance to put a smile on someone’s face. Sure, not everyone will enjoy my quirky style, but I’m pretty sure very few people really enjoy boring impersonal standard messages.

So at the end of the day, what is really lost?

And if you want some further arguments, here is a TedX talk by JP Sears that might be right up your alley. ;-)

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If you want to get into contact, you can find me at clausraasted.dk.

Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey & Founding Partner at The Global Institute For Thought Leadership. Author of 31 books.

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