148. Road Trip larp, Part Twelve: Safety and risks

/This is the twelfth part of the series on the Road Trip larp project. If you want to start from the first post, it is #116.

We drove 4,000 km over the course of a week. That alone would make some people comment on driver exhaustion as a safety risk. But apart from the obvious, there were some parts of Road Trip that were not exactly “safe”.

We did our best to be completely transparent with our participants about the safety aspects, and tried to neither sugarcoat nor patronize. We did our best to be realistic about this being a larp that wasn’t as safe as most larps are, but also not make people unduly afraid.

Rest assured – everyone who was part of this project knew reasonably well what they were getting into, even though none of us could be said to truly know what we were getting into. And with that important duality stated, and since this series follows a Ten Lessons format, I’d like to share Ten Lessons Learned About Safety And Risks From The Road Trip Larp

  1. The real world isn’t as safe as our pretend ones. We’re pretty adept at creating small bubbles of safer space. They’re by no means perfect, but on average they’re quite nice compared to most parts of the so-called “normal” world.

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