150. Six weeks break from Facebook gave me some interesting insights

I’ve just come back to Facebook after having had nothing to do with it for about six weeks. Since I signed up in 2007, I’ve never taken a period where I wasn’t active. Sure, I’ve not been online for days when I’ve been at events or when I’ve concentrated on other stuff, but nothing like this. For the last couple of years, Facebook has also been a major communication channel for me, since we use it for our larp events and communities.

So it was a bit of an experiment, this going cold turkey.

Here are some things I’ve learned that I feel are worth sharing:

  1. Facebook is amazing for “keeping current”. Scrolling down my news feed gives me all sorts of interesting information on what people I know are doing, thinking and feeling. Not having access to that made me feel somewhat cut off from a lot of people I don’t see that often.

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