163. 20 years after high school: 20 things that turned out differently than expected

I’m sitting in the 600S bus, looking out the window at the road, as it takes me from Hillerød to Roskilde. I’ve taken this bus many times. It used to take me back home after weekend visits to my father, back when I was a child. Now it takes me to my high school graduation 20th anniversary party. I’m not even sure of the wording, but you get the drift.

Young people enter the bus along the route. People who look like they’re in high school. I don’t, and I haven’t for many years.

It feels strange. I can’t understand that it’s twenty years ago. I don’t often get hit by weird thoughts on time, but this one punched me right in the gut.

But with that strangeness comes reflection, as it always does. Looking back, what did I think life would look like? What is as expected, and what definitely isn’t? What are twenty random things that come to mind on this bus trip?

  1. I never got that Master’s Degree. I thought I would – saw it as a certainty – and here I sit, without even a BA to my name.

Maybe this evening’s party will do it for me.

Thank you for reading.

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