164. Ten Thoughts on Campaign Larps

I’ve been designing and running larps since 1995. I’ve done events that lasted an hour and events that lasted a week. I’ve done first-and-only affairs and I’ve run campaigns that spanned decades. I’ve started campaigns. I’ve taken them over and run them for a time. And I’ve closed some of them as well.

Here are some thoughts on larps in a campaign format, that I hope my fellow designers, organisers, producers (and whatever titles fit you) find useful.

  1. Open-ended campaigns are hard to keep interesting. If you do a three-event mini-campaign, it’s reasonably easy to make sure it has a beginning, a middle and an end and that all three are cool. If you do a year of events, you can build to a crescendo and make every step of the journey meaningful. If you have a thing that runs for ten years and looks to maybe run for ten more, it’s damn tough to balance the new with the old. When you’re creating your new campaign, the more thought you can put into this, the better. Good decisions now will mean good results down the road.
    ADVICE: If you’re not going to do a time-limited campaign, then think seriously about what it COULD look like in five years. Not that it will, but just what it could. If the same basic stories and conflicts will still be interesting five years down the line, you’ve got something good. If you think “Huh… we’ll run out of steam after six months”, then a rethink might be in order. ;-)

Thank you for reading.

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