177. The (re)birth of an innovation blog — and why you should care

A photo of my recently published book, The Innovation Cycle. Photo Credit: Rikke Saltoft

At its core, innovation is about asking “What if…?”

“What if we could get more people to ask what if?”

And that leads us to the blog you’re currently reading

The sort of insights, that will allow us to ask more meaningful “What if…?” questions.

I already know I’ll be running a series of series

The “What if?” Series

The “Heroes” Series

The “Corporate Ideas” Series

The “Innovation Nitty Gritty” Series

The “Sparks of Inspiration” Series

If any of those five sound appealing to you, then you might just want to stick around.



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Claus Raasted

Claus Raasted


Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey. Author of 34 books.