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29. Six comments on a burlesque club experience in Dubai

  1. Burlesque makes for great shows. Add a bit of kink, some freak show novelty and a bit of the surreal, and you’ve got yourself a party! We weren’t there for long, but we did soak up some atmosphere.
  2. No sandals. No shorts. Sorry, chaps, but you have to conjure up new clothes if you’re to get in. Luckily, we had more options with us, and were allowed in after a wardrobe change.
  3. Talking is apparently overrated. It was completely impossible to have a conversation. Even simple questions like “Should we go to the bar?” were drowned out by the loud (but pretty good) DJ playing them speakers as if tomorrow had already come.
  4. The crowd was diverse as hell. Very inspiring to see. And it seemed to be open and friendly. Lots of eye contact, smiles, random connections. Very nice mood.
  5. Dubai is exotic, even when it isn’t. This could have been anywhere. It was just that bit more interesting because it was in Dubai. The hype machine is real, and works on even seasoned deconstructionists.
  6. I wouldn’t do it again. But I’m glad I did it once. Thanks to the ever-resourceful John Paul Bichard for pulling this experience out of the hat on our all-nighter in Dubai before our flight at 8.20.

Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey & Founding Partner at The Global Institute For Thought Leadership. Author of 31 books.

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