39. What I’m hoping to get out of LDC2016

The first Larp Design Conference starts tomorrow. It’s a small 50-person conference on larp design, and I’ve written about it here on the blog already.

But what do I personally hope to get out of the next few days? Quite a lot, actually.

Inspiration. There will be people from different larp traditions sharing theirs experiences and thoughts, and I am sure I will walk away with new project ideas, new ideas for doing things and new motivation.

Networking. I am going to meet new people, and I’m going to get a chance to talk to people I don’t see often enough. Acquintances will hopefully become friends, and friends will become better friends.

Partnerships. I’d be surprised if this extended weekend doesn’t bring with it new collaborations, new shared projects and new deals. I am convinced that this weekend will work as a breeding ground for that sort of thing.

Larps. I expect to find larps to go to in the future, and to talk to people who are interested in going to our larps. The odds are good that this event will result in future signups across borders, and I look forward to seeing what’s out there.

Knowledge. I expect to learn some valuable lessons as well. New workshop techniques, new ways of structuring larps and new mistakes others have made that I (hopefully!) now won’t have to. Getting inspired is great. Learning at the same time is even better.

Comfort. Palac Krobielowice is a pretty awesome place, and I very much look forward to spending a few days there. It’s not as big as the other castles we use, but it’s got Napoleonic era charm in spades and there’s excellent food, stylish rooms and a well-stocked bar with Polish prices.

Documentation. Another thing I have high hopes for is the digital legacy of the conference. All lectures will be filmed by our hardworking film team (who also do our documentary short films), and I look forward to us adding to the general pool of online larp knowledge this way.

Book launch. As a surprise (even to the other participants), we’re doing a book release of the Nordic larp yearbook 2015, which has just come out. The book has been long underway, but now it’s finally done, and we’re proud to bring it to interested parties!

Intimacy. It’s a small 50-person event, which means that there’s actually a good chance to meet most of the people and talk with them. I love Knudepunkt to death, but a 400–500+ person event makes it hard to connect with everyone. This will be very different – in a good way.

Erasmus+. The main reason we’re doing LDC now is to share the experiences from our “Culture on a broomstick” project, which is supported by Erasmus+ EU money. Originally, we wanted to share our findings, and then decided that instead of doing only that, we’d create a conference that will live on after the project is over. But there’s a reason the keynotes are focused on key learnings from our Erasmus+ adventure.

Experience. LDC isn’t radically different from other larp conferences, but there are still things we do in our own way. I look forward to seeing how it works out and figuring out what we need to change for LDC2017. Because while this is the first, it needs to go very badly for it to be the last!

Fun. Last, but not least, I expect to have a ton of fun. Larp is my job, my hobby and my great passion, and I get to spend an extended weekend talking about it. That’s pretty awesome, in my mind. And sitting here on the plane from Copenhagen to Wroclaw I can’t help but smile. It’s going to be a blast!

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