45. This is why I organise larps

I wrote this while a bit drunk and very happy at the afterparty for Convention of Thorns, a vampire larp held at the beautiful castle of Zamek Ksiaz.

It’s posted here in its original form.

– – –

It’s 2.23, and I’m writing this live from the afterparty of CoT.

I’ve been told by a guy that he’d hoped this would be the experience of a lifetime and that it was.

I’ve talked with one of our awesome writers, who said kind words about our team for having an attitude of “Of course we’ll help.”.

I’ve heard from players who have told me that they had loved playing this because the other players were so generous and caring.

I’ve been thanked for how we create an atmosphere of trust and caring and community.

I’ve been told by happy players that they’ve learned things they’ll take home to their own larp communities.

But most of all, I’ve seen people talk with each other, laugh with each other and cry with each other.

I’ve seen people connect, and for me as a larp organiser that is why I do this. I love creating stories. I love making events come alive, and I love working with awesome people at awesome places.

But at the end of the day, what fuels my inexhaustible drive is seeing people connect after a larp. There’s nothing like it, and I am humbled and grateful every time I see it happen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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