49. Tips on how to run a kids larp campaign

In early 2015, we thought that we were going to be doing children’s larp campaigns in Poland. The first test campaign— Akademia Bohaterów (Heroes Academy) — ran for some months before we decided that it was too much work, compared to our work on Blockbuster larps such as College of Wizardry, Fairweather Manor, etc.

For that campaign, I wrote a short “book of tips” for the Polish team, so they’d be able to use some of the things we at Rollespilsfabrikken and Rollespilsakademiet had learned over the years. It wasn’t a public document at the time, since we had hopes for creating campaigns all over Poland.

Much has changed since then, and I just remembered that I still have the document. I’m now putting it online, so that others may use it (if they find useful, of course!). It’s not an A-Z text, but is a collection of my thoughts on how to run a children’s larp. I hope you find it a worthwhile read!

Click on the link below if you want to check it out. ;-)


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