56. On flights, I blog and watch movies

It’s not exactly a grand realisation, but it’s nonetheless interesting to me. When I fly, There’s a limited amount of things I do.

  • I sleep (on almost every flight, no matter how short it is)

Previously, I read a lot on planes, but that doesn’t happen as much anymore. I seldom play games on my phone, and since I’m not a laptop person, I don’t use one for either work or gaming. And while I sometimes write texts or make plans on my phone, usually it ends up with blogging.

Why is this interesting?

To me, it is, because it means I watch more movies while flying than at any other time. I blog more. Sleeping, talkig and listening to music I do plenty of at other times, so those don’t count in the same way. And I kind of like it this way.

It means I know that when I board a plane, I’ll get some blog writing done, and I’ll watch some movie I haven’t seen before.

Of course, I have the opportunity to do exactly that at more or less any given moment. I seldom use it, though, since other things invariably take priority. There’s a reason for me having written most of my blog posts while flying or in airports. It’s obviously my space and time for that.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of imposing limitations on myself in order to work. Some people have programs that shut off their facebook feed, their internet access or their games.

I don’t work that way

Back in 1999, when we were doing two huge larps together, my co-organisers dropped me off on location a few days before everyone else arrived to make me work. Just me, an empty warehouse building and my computer (and food!). And they’d put a password on my games, and there was no internet connection there.

Bastards. ;)

Of course I got some work done, but mostly I was bored out of my skull. I don’t know if my system rebelled against their heavy-handedness, or if I was just 19. I just know that it didn’t work very well, just like I’ve never been good at writing retreats or things like that.

I guess it’s the artificiality of it that turns me off, even though that’s a bit stupid. If I’m forced by circumstance, I’ll gladly re-focus and concentrate on the available options. I don’t long for the internet while flying, for instance.

Not much, at least.

But sitting at the office and shutting off the internet doesn’t do it for me. It needs to happen naturally (or as natural as anything can be at 40.000 feet). Then my mind starts working differently.

Now whether that is an useful insight to anyone but me is of course up for debate. Luckily, my blog is my mental clearing house, and sometimes it’s odd notions that catch my fancy.

Time to watch a movie more!

Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey & Founding Partner at The Global Institute For Thought Leadership. Author of 31 books.

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