65. Fuck your debate double standards, larpers

Claus Raasted invented Nordic larp

“All the Professors at College of Wizardry are NPCs” (never have been – they’re players)

“The road trip larp is sold out!” (not yet, but it’s a nice thought)

“People don’t get written characters at Convention of Thorns.” (they do)

“In Scandinavia, all larps get government support.”

“American larps all have heavy rules systems. And boffer weapons.”

“Most larps in Finland are Harry Potter larps. And girls always play Harry Potter himself.”

“You’re Polish? Oh, so you organise College of Wizardry!”

“You’re Swistak! Are you the same Swistak as the CoW organiser one, or is it a common name?”

“You’re from Poland. I know the CoW organiser is partly, but don’t know any of them. Are you one?”

Polish = CoW organiser

From the same bloody people!

What can YOU do about this?

  1. Be a little more forgiving about people who don’t know the lingo or understand social issues as well as you do. It’s not that long ago that someone offhandedly referred to me with words along the lines of “When a straight guy like Claus uses the term ‘gay’, it’s problematic”. I still honestly don’t know what that was about, but maybe some day someone will tell me, so I can learn.
  2. Be a little less certain about your own expertise when you talk about (other) larp cultures, unless you actually happen to have solid info. And most of the time, people don’t.



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Claus Raasted

Claus Raasted


Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey. Author of 34 books.