76. Ten larps I’d like to do

The list is pretty simple. Some of this will probably happen. A lot of it won’t. But I look forward to re-reading the list five or ten years from now to see what (if anything) came to pass. Of course, I might also be so lucky that someone else does some of these larps, so I get to play them instead of organise them!

I’ve listed them in order of perceived chance of happening. :)

One of our 2017 ideas that got postponed. Inspired by the film The Grand Budapest Hotel, but set in communist Russia, this is a humorous larp about a bizarre hotel and the goings-on there. And don’t worry – we’ve found several awesome old hotels that could convincingly be the Grand Stalin!

Set in 1832. Decadence and revolution. Two larps in one. Singing as conflict resolution. Barricades. A marriage. Flags waving and music playing. Do you hear the people sing? It’s been a Dziobak plan since January 2015, but we still haven’t landed a deal with the perfect location. It’s definitely happening, though. It’s just a matter of where.

Maybe in Poland. Maybe somewhere else. But the idea for a luxurious and visually overwhelming Three Musketeers larp set in 1628 is something that’s been brewing for a while. Court intrigue. Duels. Dances. Action. Adventure. It’s all there, waiting to be done.

This one almost happened in 2015, and probably will someday. The plan is to play out some of the interesting scenes of the Robin Hood tales, rather than just playing a larp where one person is Robin Hood. Set at a glorious Medieval castle and its forest surroundings, this is an adventure that’s in the box, waiting to be unwrapped.

After Napoleon was defeated, the leaders of Europe met and redraw the map. More or less, at least. Getting to play out a dramatic version of those meetings (which took months!) is an old dream of mine. There’s something about Napoleonic costumes, high powered diplomacy and huge maps of the world spread out on giant tables that appeals to me.

Heroic fantasy at its best. Quests. Monsters. Good vs Evil. Wild SFX and wild, epic moments. Railroaded plotlines and grand scenes. And of course, held at a stunning castle in Poland. We’ve discussed doing it, but so far have decided against it. Someday I want to go all in and make it happen.

It’s 1945. The war is lost. But a last-ditch plan will send Nazis to the dark side of the moon to fight on from space. In a secret bunker, the final trials for launching the spaceship are happening. Here, it’s decided who goes and who stays behind to face the allies. Played at a real underground Nazi bunker complex, naturally.

1.000 players. A living, breathing, mad city in a mad world. Weird cults. Lazy magicians. Tricksters, swindlers and thieves. With Christoph Waltz as the Patrician, a high society Assassin’s Guild and a hard-working City Guard. Symbolic scenography built inside a huge warehouse, and both Death and the Hogfather as characters.i

I’ve dreamed of doing something like this on a train for many years, but when I learned that airships are making a comeback, I changed my ambitions. Airships have always fascinated me, and the idea of doing a larp ON an airship – well, that’s definitely on the bucket list.

Full, official cooperation with Disney/Lucasfilm. Cinematic location. A couple of hundred players. Lightsaber training. Special FX that make the Force usable. Exotic creatures. Yeah, this one “just” needs approval from the right places. We’ll see if it’s possible to ever get that approval.

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