78. I don’t usually share feelings on the blog. This is an exception

Today was a rough day. It isn’t now. But it definitely was black for a while.

It started out way too early.

Being jetlagged after our trip to the US, I wasn’t really able to sleep a full night. Waking at 5 am and finding out that we’d made a communications fuckup didn’t help. At 7, I gave up and got up, packed my bag for the evening’s trip to Iceland, kissed Marie goodbye and left for the office.

It’s now 23.17 Danish time.

I’ve just landed in Keflavik Airport. It’s going to be an excellent evening and a fantastic couple of days. There’s still a chance that the car will explode in mid-air or crash when it hits the ground on the other side. But my worry is much reduced. Because if I find myself paralyzed at the wheel without ideas for how to deal with this flaming vehicle hurtling through the air, that’s ok.

“And the horse might learn to sing.”

Our story isn’t ending any time soon, but if the horse is onboard, it might just sprout wings.

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