81. Michael Pucci gives tips on being an experience designer

Recently, I asked a bunch of people I know about experience design — what skills are good to have, what sort of mindset is needed, etc. I got a ton of great answers in, but one set stood out from the rest.

Michael Pucci is the Creative Lead for Imagine Nation Collective, the company behind the post-apocalyptic larp franchise Dystopia Rising — one of the largest larp organisations in the world. He’s also a friend of mine that I admire, and has a way with words. So I felt that it was fitting to share his ten useful tips for being an experience designer.

Also, he has a small cat-person on his shoulder, and who doesn’t like that?

The ten tips are presented in no particular order:

  1. Design analysis. Being able to see how game design related decisions impact and are dependent on business or outside of game results. IE — How does your design exist, interact with, benefit, or harm real world engagements and situations.

If you want to read more of Michael’s words, I recommend his blog. It’s larp-focused, but a lot of what he writes is also useful outside of the larp sphere.

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