83. 10 reasons freeform larps are awesome

I’m currently enroute to the Danish freeform larp convention Fastaval. It’s an amazing event, worthy of many blog posts of its own, but one of the truly great things about it is the 30–35 freeform larps that premiere there each year.

What's a freeform larp?

But if it can’t be played in a classroom, it doesn’t work for Fastaval – which, incidentally, had only classrooms available. :-)

So why are they so cool, these free beasts?

1. They cost very little to set up.

2. They cost very little to play.

3. They work well with small groups

4. There are amazing free larpscripts out there

5. Many modern freeforms require no rules or system knowledge

6. The best ones are extremely good

7. They can be reproduced

8. They can be honed with testing

9. There are “Oscars” to be won

10. Being a freeform GM is direct skill training

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