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94. 10 things I like about Tinder – and some words of caution as well

Before I wrote this blog post, I asked my wife:

“Is it weird if I write a blog post about Tinder?”

She laughed at me. She knows I’m a fan. Oh, and in case it isn’t clear from the text already, we have an open marriage.

  1. This is unlike many dating sites, where women are bombarded with crazy shit. Like “out of this world absurdity” shit.
  2. Tinder is easy to travel with. I have no idea about dating in Spain, but Tinder is in my pocket and works the same way there.
  3. It gives you options for presenting yourself, without requiring a lot. Some people just have one picture. Others have a ton of text and six different pictures. But there’s complete freedom in everything except name, age and gender.
  4. It’s often accused of being superficial, because it’s based on pictures. Seriously? Have you been in a bar? On the street? And no one says you have to have a picture. You can choose not to. Will it work well? Probably not, but neither will wearing a paper bag in a bar (ok, that might work, actually. Worth trying our). ;)
  5. It’s free. Not all dating sites are.
  6. It’s intuitive. Very easy to understand and to use.
  7. A lot of people are on it (at least in the places I’ve been to). For a dating app that’s pretty important.
  8. Only for meaningless sex? Also something it’s often accused of. I call “It depends” on that. I’ve had sex I regretted, sex that was boring, sex that turned out to be just that and nothing more, sex that meant something and sex that led to a lot more. Meaningless sex? Rarely.
  9. And never anything coming close to that “meaningless” label on Tinder. On the contrary, Tinder has allowed me to meet fantastic, kind, amazing women I otherwise never would have gotten to know. Some for an evening and a shared experience. Some for years and a deep connection.

It’s not all cookies and cream, though.

A. Tinder can be a crazy enabler for sex addiction.

Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey & Founding Partner at The Global Institute For Thought Leadership. Author of 31 books.

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