97. If we want larp to grow, we need to get better

At least, if you ask me. ;-)

We have to not only tell what it is (which can be hard enough), but also why it’s so amazing. And we need to become more skilled at this. Learn from each other and re-use what works.

You can have just as much fun at a freeform larp in a classroom at a convention, as in a high production value larp – but it’s easier to get outsiders to go wow at the last one.

If this is your passion and your prime hobby and it gives you a lot of identity, stop being ashamed. You can be casual about it and joke about it. But stand tall. What you do is powerful. Larp pride.

Larpers of the world, unite. Or at least get to know each other. Organisational infrastructure matters. Structures matter. But they cost blood, sweat and tears to create, and we need to put in that effort.

The zeitgeist is not what it was in the 80's or 90's. Technology isn’t either. And society changes all the time. Just because we did things ten years ago doesn’t mean we can do them now.

One of the big hurdles of the image(s) of larp in mainstream media are that the form and the content get muddled. If 90% of all larp is fantasy, people will say “Larp? It’s not for me. I don’t like fantasy.”

Many of our own have very little clue as to what’s happening in our own spheres – let alone how it relates to the outside. Spread knowledge. Explain and discuss. Write down. Rinse and repeat.

I don’t want to have ten more cool larps a year, globally. I want to have thousands. If we’re not dreaming high, we settle too easily, and instead of talking about where we want to go, we get stuck in where we were.

No matter what you do, someone will be upset. Not because the world is a null-sum game, but because someone always loses something. If we don’t dare to upset people, we won’t have any major impact. Sadly.

And that’s tricky. Because none of this happens without struggle, pain and effort. It’s hard to change the world. Critics to the right, doubters to the left. It’s easy to just shut up, enjoy life and not rock the boat. It’s even ok.

But I think still it’s worth trying.

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