5. Do something specific vs do anything

Creativity on demand is the business I’m in. Most of my work consists of creating larps that others want created, and though I also get to create larps that I myself have helped come up with, it’s rare. Most of our customers aren’t larpers who want an experience. They’re people who want a larp.

  • We have Y money
  • We have Z time
  • And we want them to have an experience teaching them A, B & C.

Next step: The pitch phase

We might let them be Russian spy cadets in the 80’s, learning how to infiltrate the capitalist West — and inside that fiction teaching them teamwork and communication skills, and giving them tricks on how to manage their teams.

When there’s no pitch phase it gets tough

If someone asks me “If you could do any larp, what would it be?” I’m a bit at a loss. Would I want to do a pirate larp aboard two historical sailing ships chasing each other across the open sea? Would I want to do a Les Miserables inspired larp about revolution and decadence in 1832 Paris? Would I want to do a larp about a starship, hurtling through space on a desperate mission?

Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey & Founding Partner at The Global Institute For Thought Leadership. Author of 31 books.

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