173. Today’s Hero: Signe Hertel (and the way of the smile that lights up the world)

Signe at her best — in front of a captive audience, talking about spaces, structures and design
Is the doorway frame in the back accidental or a subtle professional reference? We’ll never know!

She is one of those rare individuals, who I’ve seen get rightfully angry, but have never seen get stressed.

These days, I rarely get to spend time with her (life happens to all of us), but I’ve often hoped that one day I’d stumble upon a real estate project, where I could bring her onboard. So far, it hasn’t happened (yet), but that doesn’t mean that the ambition is forgotten. Because that’s one of the qualities that Signe has as a professional — even if you only work with her for a short while, she’ll immediately go on your list of people you want to work with again.



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Claus Raasted

Claus Raasted


Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences, Coach at McKinsey. Author of 34 books.