16. What Disneyland does better than us

I know. It’s a crazily arrogant statement, because it implies that there’s stuff we – as larp designers – do better than Disneyland. There is, though. Quite a lot. But there are also things they do amazingly well. And going to Disneyland yesterday was an eye-opener.

Merchandise is also pretty cool

There’s a wretched TON of stuff, and people buy it. We could learn something from that. Personally, I’ve always been wary of merchandise. To me, it seems like a way to exploit people’s love for something, and I don’t want a part in that.

The waiting is part of the experience

Another thing that Disneyland did amazingly well, was an interesting queue experience. For the Indiana Jones ride (which was pretty spectacular), just getting to the ride was a damn cool experience in and of itself. It was absurdly long, since the ride is extremely popular, but it was impressive as hell.

Themed personnel

When we do larps, we normally have a sharp cut-off point between ingame and offgame. I am all in favor of that, so I’m not necessarily advocating wearing an orc mask while working backstage at an Orc larp. However, having team t-shirts not only makes you more easily recognisable – it also gives you a uniformed look. If it fits the theme of the larp, so much the better.

We need to dare to charge money

I paid to skip lines today at Universal Studios. It cost me about 80€, but it was money well spent. Most of the rides at Universal had line lengths of 30–50 minutes. By having an A-pass, I could cut that down to 5–10 instead. This not only made my experiences a lot better – it also meant that I managed to go on almost ten rides during my four-hour visit. Including the 45 min studio tour, which was amazing.

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